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Sweet Protection Igniter Alpinist Helmet



Product Description

The Igniter Alpiniste is designed to meet the demands of professional mountain guides, as well as those in search of untouched snow in exposed terrain.

The helmet uses Sweet Protection’s unique interior Composite Drop Impact Protection (CDIP) shell technology, an internal composite shell that covers the crown area of the helmet and disperses impacts from falling ice and rocks.

The injection-moulded ABS Thermoplastic Shell – Superlight is impact resistant due to its special rubber-toughened construction. The shell is moulded in variable thicknesses, with extreme precision, to give you the best performance-to-weight ratio.

The Impact Shields technology distributes pressure and absorbs energy through shields of different densities in the front and rear of the helmet. This is Sweet Protection’s premium impact protection technology; it distributes impacts from the inside of the helmet over larger areas in the crucial front and back zones where your head needs it.

With 26 vents, the helmet is well ventilated and ready for intense activity, all day long.

The Igniter Alpiniste has a head torch mount and satisfies both CE EN 12492 (mountaineering) and CE EN 1077 (ski & snowboard) safety requirements.

Comfort and Fit

  • OcciGrip: provides a firm and comfortable fit with an adjustment system that is easy to use and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head.
  • Direct ventilation: Direct inlets and outlets ensure great airflow, and help regulate head temperature.
  • Open/close vents: easy to operate air inlets for on-the-go temperature adjustment.
  • COOLMAX® liner: a stitched, full covering liner made from anti-allergenic, moisture-wicking Coolmax, providing great comfort in a wide range of temperatures; easily removed for washing.
  • Fitpads: allow the ultimate personalized fit for a precise and comfortable helmet fit.
  • Removable, box constructed ear-pads.
  • Attachment for head torch.

Other specifications

Weight: 580g (M/L)

Certification: CE EN 1077:2007 – Class B EN 12492:2012