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Diamir Vipec 12


Rob says: Fantastic, innovative binding that has set new standards. If you are looking for a tech binding that gives a DIN lateral release, then this is it. It is heavier than its competitor, but that would be its only sacrifice.

Favourite features: It has to be the lateral release on the toe.

Works well with: All Tech compatible boots.

Package price deals available – call us on 01479 811788 to find out more.

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Product Description

The first ever pin binding with defined release. Made for the toughest mountaineering challenges. Combines safety, user comfort and power transmission.

About pin binding systems

In pin bindings, the ski boot is secured by pins in the toe and heel parts and by inserts in the sole. The walk mode is controlled by the rotation of the boot via two pins in the toe part, which engage in corresponding inserts in the sole. System advantages:

  • Truly free heel – no moving weight in uphill mode
  • Light weight
  • Lower standing position

The Safety Pin System from Diamir-Fritschi Swiss

Advantages compared to conventional pin bindings:

  • Front lateral defined safety release
  • Frontal defined safety release
  • Safety release in uphill mode
  • Easiest to switch from walk mode to downhill mode
  • Easiest adjustment of walk mode levels
  • Maximum power transmission, including in the heel
  • Crampons with adjustable penetration depth

Technical data and boot compatibility

  • DIN 5–12
  • Ski width > 67mm
  • Weight 490g/unit (without ski brake)
  • Ski brakes, standard options 80/90/100/115
  • The Diamir Safety Pin System comprises several patented technologies enabling a defined release even when the ski is bent
  • Compatible with all popular ski touring boots with corresponding inserts

Colour your Binding

The Diamir Vipec 12 binding is delivered with a black clip on the Easy Switch Toe and one on the Comfort Lever 2. Colour clips are available as accessories in five additional colours.

2014-15 Diamir Vipec 12_Color_Clip_pink 2014-15 Diamir Vipec 12_Color_Clip_lime 2014-15 Diamir Vipec 12_Color_Clip_green 2014-15 Diamir Vipec 12_Color Clip_blue 2014-15 Diamir Vipec 12_Color_Clip_red