Axion 86 Crampon_2

Axion 86 Crampon


Rob says: Carrying ski crampons is a bit like carrying a first aid kit – essential but rarely used – but, when you need them, they’re life-savers! Make sure you have your ski crampons in your pack at all times.

Favourite features: The Axion has a rather nifty mechanism that allows you to swivel the crampons forward into position when you need them and swivel them back out of the way when you don’t – a great idea.

Use with: Only use on Diamir Fritchi Freeride Pro and Eagle 12 bindings.

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Product Description

Axion Tech – easy-activation crampons

Diamir Axion crampons are mounted to the bottom of the binding with just a few easy steps. Flip them up to disengage them and climb as if no crampons were attached. Simply flip the blade down with a ski pole, as needed, to engage the crampons without stepping out of the binding. No other crampon is easier to use than the Axion and this is precisely the reason why it contributes substantially to safety.